Picture This: The Page Turner

TA DA! It’s a Picture This entry!


Jeremiah, Raven, & Daire

The Page Turner

Ok this is like… a historical submission to “Picture This“! I had to go way back to dig this one out. This is actually for a story, The Page Turner, that isn’t available yet for purchase. It’s my entry for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award this year, and I’m not sure what I’ll do with it when the contest is over. If you’re a long time fan you may have read it. I released samples of it on the internet years ago, but that was the original version. Three re-writes later I’ve gotta say the plot is a lot better and the entire story has changed. I cut some characters, added a bunch, ate some pudding, slashed and hashed the fight scenes, in fact pretty much everything about the story has changed except for the setting and some of the original cast.

Anyway, this is a drawing of Raven (center), the heroine of the story. Jeremiah is on the left, Daire are on the right. They’re her good looking superiors at the library she works at. In spite of the drawing I can assure you, they aren’t exactly pals. It was drawn for my by dduk, a deviantart artist who has since fallen off the grid, I believe. It’s a shame as dduk is a majorly talented artist!

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