A Haiku for you…

I am dead tired

My brain has long expired

Oh bed how I love


I didn’t really mean to make those first two lines rhyme, but they do so that is that. Rather un-haiku-like but that is me! Congratulations, you have witnessed the first “Bad Poetry Day Post!” Let’s cheer!!! No, let’s not. Bad Poetry Days are a painful but necessary experience for everyone because they allow me to communicate exactly how quickly I am dying of exhaustion.

So I wanted to let you guys view my first official Bad Poetry Day, but I also wanted to let you know that because the stats of this blog have been rising I was filled with warm feelings for you all and updated/added some links on my links page. Today I added the writing section links. A lot of readers are future budding writers, so I figured I would nudge you down the path of knowledge by sharing some useful writing links. Or, I don’t know, maybe you’re a masochist and you enjoy rejection. Then you really should check out those links.

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