Head Colds X Meds = Strange Creativity

I have a cold

It has made me bold

I act so stupid

I think I’m cupid

So here’s some advice from me to you

Take cold meds and you can be strange too!


Today marks new heights (or depths) for my lack of talent in poetry writing. I really can’t make any excuse except to say “I don’t call them Bad Poetry Days for nothing!”

The poll results are in! King Arthur: A Modern Girl Rules Camelot has won! This news is long overdue,  but as you may have guessed my cold has kept me from you all, dear champions. Now for the downside. Just like my two-parter Robyn Hood books, King Arthur will be based on the ballads/stories/legends of King Arthur. This means I have a lot of material to draw on, and I highly doubt I’m going to be able to limit myself to one book. So King Arthur: A Modern Girl Rules Camelot IS coming, it’s just going to be a few months before it makes an appearance. We’re probably looking at a fall release date for book one. (Yes, I promise I won’t leave you in such a horrible cliffhanger like I did for Robyn Hood: A Girl’s Tale.)

Speaking of which, Robyn Hood: Fight For Freedom will be released in about two weeks. I’m aiming for less, but I like to give myself a margin. Just in case.

Thank you for stopping by, and enjoy your day!

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