Story Time Episode 2

Today I have a couple of news-y items to address. First off I have made the discovery that my inbox has been holding out on me and some of the messages you guys sent me were suspiciously routed to my spam folder. I think I fixed the problem, and I’m keeping an obsessive eye on my spam now, but I apologize to everyone who received delayed responses to their messages.

Secondly, today I’m announcing my second episode of Story Time! Story Time is when I answer pre-submitted questions while I attempt to play (But mostly die in) Lord of the Rings Online. The deadline for question submissions is Monday, March 24. Please submit your questions by then! I’m announcing it way ahead of time as I suspect things are going to get chaotic when I start the Week Of Freebies. To learn more about Story Time please visit the FAQ. If you have a question you want to submit please fill out the form at the bottom of this post!

Finally… I actually don’t have anything else. I wanted to end this post with a witty remark but my brain is remarkably dry of those these days. So sorry, but thank you for reading!

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