Because I’m fickle

Today marks the third day of the week of freebies, and the second day that Robyn Hood:Fight For Freedom is available for free. Originally it was supposed to be the last day, BUT I’m going to extend the special through tomorrow. This means that I’m pushing My Life At the MBRC back a day as well, so it will be available for free from Friday through Sunday.

Also remember, I’m accepting questions  to answer for my next session of Story Time! To submit a question fill out the form on the FAQ page. Feel free to ask me any writing question, or pretty much any question at all. I can be your personal magic eight ball if you like. (Although chances are my replies will be a lot more colorful than “Yes,” “No,” and “Ask again later.”)

Finally, I want extra points from you guys. My new book that I’m releasing in April (Titled Red Rope of Fate or Captain Emotionally Constipated, I cannot decided between the two.) I’ve been working hard on. When you guys read it you to pay special attention to the drinks. I’ve been experimenting with everything from brewing sweet teas to coffee to make the food settings pop. I’m pretty sure my teeth are rotting in my mouth, and my dentist would like to write you all a hate note, but it has been a lot of fun and I can’t wait to share some of the recipes for the drinks I’ve slipped in the book. Thanks for reading!


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