Sneak Peak: Red Rope of Fate

Today’s post is a short snippet of Red Rope of Fate. It should give you an idea what the main characters, Tari and Arion, are like. I’ll be posting a few more sneak peaks in April, but hopefully this will win you over, Champions.

Also I wanted to confirm that I have already recorded Story Time: Episode 2. I’m piecing it together and I hope to have it done by Friday, otherwise I’ll release it first thing Monday morning.

Here’s your snippet from Red Rope of Fate. I hope you enjoy it!

Tari sipped her tea and shifted her eyes to the teapot as the translator droned on in human. Truth be told the tea was one of the main reasons she attended the meetings with the translators and enchanters—they had fantastic brews. There must be a way to ask for more without appearing rude.

Tari stared at the porcelain teapot until she was shocked out of her wits when Arion leaned forward from his position next to her on the settee. He plucked the teapot off the lacquer tray, refilled Tari’s cup, and replaced the teapot—earning a large smile from Tari.

Tari happily took another sip, looking up when the translator switched to elvish.

“—Cannot tell you how excited we are to have you two. We understand that a bond such as yours should not be abused, but we are hoping you will be willing to help us in the Translator’s Circle,” said an excited looking older man. His counterpart—a haunted looking scholar that had interviewed Tari and Arion for hours on end to search for any sort of connection between them—vacantly stared at the wall.

An elf translator stood behind the pair, nodding in agreement as he fussed with his hair.

“What would you ask us to do?” Arion asked, narrowing his eyes.

Tari turned to her small plate of cookies as the translator switched back to human for Arion’s sake. She selected a lemon tart and transferred it to Arion’s empty plate before consuming a sinfully rich chocolate truffle.

Arion ate the lemon tart as he listened to the translator, his expressionless face giving nothing away. When the translator finished, Arion looked to Tari. The translator opened his mouth to restart the lecture in elvish, but Arion beat him to the punch. “They want us to spend a day a week discussing topics picked out for us by the head of the Translator’s Circle and our monarchs.”

“That sounds an awful lot like a social engagement.”


“Tell them we’re too busy,” Tari suggested.

“Good idea.”

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