WARNING: Bad Poetry Day Ahead!

A fox chased my cat around a green bush

For my cat is fat and runs like a goose

I am surprised it did not bite her tush

But cat won the race since the dog was loose

The dog chased the fox across a brown field

Barking like a hound of hellish designs

The fox was smart and used brush like a shield

And dog lost interest and plotted resign

If you are still reading please learn this well

Foxes who chase cats will face the fierce dog

Fox chasing to dogs is an easy sell

and never sit still and stand quite agog

For in this day I did not win at all

for the dog came up and puked on my shawl


I know, I know, WORST SONNET EVER! (Even if it is loosely true.) I don’t call these Bad Poetry Days for nothing’ folks. I WILL post a disclaimer if I must. Writer I like to pretend to be, but poet I am most assuredly not. Anyway, Red Rope of Fate is coming along. I need to invest some time in learning more about Kindle formatting as I want Red Rope to look nice and pretty for you all. Beyond working my tail off in writing, I actually don’t have anything else to share today. (Bad poetry not withstanding.)

Enjoy your Wednesday, Champions!


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