Book News & Library Laugh

I have a quick book(s) update: Red Rope of Fate is zipping along, I’m planning for a release date of Friday, April 26. I may be able to release it sooner but I’m not certain at this point. It will be offered for free for two or three days, please mark your calenders so you can snag a free copy. I’m juggling projects at this point so I’m not certain what book will be released after Red Rope. It’s either going to be a young adult urban fantasy, or an adult paranormal romance.

Good news for you historical readers! I’ve started researching King Arthur for the winning poll book you guys voted for a month or two ago. (King Arthur, a modern girl rules Camelot) While I love reading about King Arthur what has really been fascinating to me is the information I’ve dug up on the writers of the stories/ballads. For instance, the man who first wrote about Lancelot and Guinevere being in love did not want to write it! He disliked the story, never finished it, and actually inserted a great deal of irony and sarcasm into the tale.  He only wrote it because his patroness asked him to, in reality he supported fidelity in marriage.

Methinks I’ve gushed long enough about nerdy things, but I have a few humorous lines I would like to share. I work in a library. In my years as a librarian I have seen several amusing pairings of people checking out certain books. For instance…

  • A Miss Cullen put the entire Twilight series on hold
  • A young man with the last name of Potter checked out the Harry Potter series
  • Miss Holmes borrowed several volumes of Sherlock Holmes
  • Miss Bingley placed on hold several Jane Austen books, one of them being Pride and Prejudice
  • Mr Wayne checked out an assortment of John Wayne movies

It’s the simple things in life that makes you chuckle. Have a fantastic day, Champions!

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