9 Days….

Not including today, I have exactly 9 days until the release of Red Rope of Fate. Because I enjoy making everything into a celebration (Let’s face it, celebration = cake, which instantly makes it worth it.) once again I’m going to have some freebies in the days following the release.

The first freebie is: Red Rope of Fate. Red Rope will officially be available Friday, April 26. It is going to be uploaded and technically available for purchase most likely by Wednesday (April 24) BUT I am going to offer it for free for Friday and Saturday. (So April 26 and 27.)

The second freebie will require a little legwork, and it is: Extra chapter of Red Rope of Fate. Before anyone gets upset, NO, I did not end the story in a cliffhanger. The extra chapter does not change the plot/storyline/anything. It’s just an extra chapter that I had fun plotting out, and it doesn’t quite match the timeline of Red Rope of Fate, hence why I am making it an extra and a freebie. To obtain this extra chapter of Red Rope leave a review of Red Rope on it’s amazon page and drop me an email. I will send you a PDF and word document version of the extra chapter. When Red Rope is available I’ll have more details on this, and no this is not blackmail to get 5 star reviews. Please be honest in your reviews, thank you!

And a drum roll for the third and final freebie: Princess Ahira. That’s right, Princess Ahira will be free from Sunday April 28 to Thursday May 2. If you already have it this is your chance to spread the fun and tell your friends and family.

That’s all for today. I’m excessively excited about Red Rope of Fate‘s release, I do hope you all enjoy it! Thank you for reading, Champions!

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