Red Rope of Fate: Uploading

I’m slightly behind my idealized schedule for Red Rope of Fate. In the ideal world I had hopes that it would be available for purchase today. Sadly that’s not going to happen, but if Amazon reviews it fast enough it will easily be available for purchase tomorrow. The freebie schedule hasn’t changed at all, I’m just uploading it a day later than I planned.

I cannot wait to go into a coma of stupidity after I am assured that Red Rope is indeed uploaded and ready for purchase. Come Friday I’ll be making some fun announcements about the next book I’ll be releasing, and I’ll go through the official information for obtaining the extra chapter of Red Rope. In a sentence it’s this: Review Red Rope on Amazon, email the review to me, and I’ll email you the chapter. However, I have to go over what to do if I don’t send you the chapter, how quickly you can expect the chapter, etc.

I could go on, but my IQ is dropping at an alarming rate. Rather than make you  suffer through a post that involves me gushing over Perfect Dog, I’ll simply end it here. Thank you for reading, Champions!

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