Page Turner?

To start off, remember, you can get a free, extra chapter of Red Rope of Fate by reviewing it on Amazon and emailing your review to me. For more information scroll down to the next post or click here!)

Whew, I have a few fun announcements! For starters, The Page Turner is being renamed. The most likely title is The Life Reader but I’ll keep you posted. Secondly, I’ll be posting several free chapters of The Life Reader on Text Novel and Fiction Press. The first chapter will be released May 12. Ish. (I say ish because I am a procrastinator , fickle, creative and timelines change.) I will be releasing a minimum of 3 chapters.

One thing I also wanted to mention, The Life Reader is going to be priced at $2.99. This does not reflect a pattern I’ll be following in the future, it reflects the length and complexity of the story. I spent a month writing Red Rope of Fate, and roughly half a year writing both of the Robyn Hood books. I have spent years writing The Life Reader. Pushing that aside, the main reason for the increase is that The Life Reader is double the length of the above stories. I will always keep my shorter books priced at 99 cents, so do not fear the price increase!

It’s a short update for today, but I’ll have lots of new things to reveal and talk about next week so hold on to your hats. Thank you for reading, and please stop by again!

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