Life Reader: Character Sketches

Welcome to Day One of Life Reader Character Sketches. Today, Wednesday, and Friday I am revealing the eight main characters of Life Reader. These profiles will also be available on a second page, which will be up by Wednesday at the latest. Today I’m featuring the heroine of the story, Raven Wishmore, and two of her co-workers, Asher and Aron Montamous.


Magical Element: Ice (and the ability to read things to life)

Personal Slogan: Don’t judge me by my cover

Six words that describe Raven: Mysterious, sarcastic, liar, secret keeper, warrior

Raven can generally be described as “an unobtrusive presence,” but this is mainly a ploy she uses to screen her dark secret—her ability to read things to life. Constantly weighted down with the knowledge that her life will be over if anyone finds out about her magic has nurtured in Raven a sarcastic, secretive outlook and personality. She has an unmatched passion for libraries and books, and is greatly jealous of those who are able to use their magic or natural physical abilities to protect themselves and others. She would generally prefer to be silent and get her work done, but this new mission she’s been shoved into by her father has placed her alarmingly out of her comfort zone and more in the limelight than she ever feared.


Magical Element: Fire

Personal Slogan: It’s only illegal if you get caught.

Six words that describe them: crafty, deviants, loyal, loners, talented, creepers

Asher and Aron are identical twins with a penchant for breaking and entering…anything. They’re extremely talented in magic thanks to their connection as twins, which allows them to swap and share power. Their daily activities include playing video games, loafing, and spying on other library employees. They are mostly friendless but are playful and affectionate with those they deem worthy.

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