Life Reader: Character Sketches

Today is Day 2 of Life Reader character sketches. These next two characters are more mild mannered and tend to slink around in the background. (In fact they may be the only library employees who actually do anything.) But don’t let that fool you, Royce and Brannon are too observant to lay low for long.


Name: Royce Stephonson
Magic Element: Plants (this includes trees and wood)
Personal Slogan: Howdy!
Six words that describe him: Cowboy, calm, follower, swordsman, friendly, open

Royce sticks out like a sore thumb in the spotless shelves of Saint Cloud Library. He wears a Stetson hat, talks with a drawl, and can always be found at the sign-in station for computer usage. He is sweet tempered, although he can be judgmental, and has the reflexes of a fencer. Out of all the library employees Royce is undoubtedly the most normal.


Name: Brannon Dougal
Magic Element: Earth
Personal Slogan: Touchdown!
Six words that describe him: Football player, enthusiastic, happy, athlete, trusting

Brannon is a sports enthusiast and a fantastic football player—a skill that unfortunately has him missing a fair amount of shifts at the library thanks to games and practices. Built like a small yak, Brannon is as cheerful as they come and completely void of guile. He loves Saint Cloud and takes great pride in his work, and he is surprisingly skilled at hacking computers.

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