Life Reader: Character Sketches

Today is the last set of Life Reader character sketches. I want to go on the record of saying: I know there’s a lot of guys! I do have female characters as well, but when it comes to the plot Raven and these guys are the important pieces. I assure you this is not going to be one of those sappy stories where everyone falls in love with the heroine. Just about everyone I’ve listed in the character sketches starts out by hating Raven. When I start releasing sample chapters next week you’ll get what I mean.


Name: Daire Eastgate IV
Magic Element: Sand
Personal Slogan: My decisions are the law
Six words that describe him: Paranoid, prideful, rule follower, brown noser

Daire Eastgate IV moves through life with a stick up his butt. He religiously believes in order, rules, and power, and as an entitled prat from a rich family he has high ambitions and goals. His only redeeming quality, as most girls see it, is his handsome face and high intelligence. He is not above bribery and sucking up to get what he wants, and things always go his way.


Name: Jeremiah Tanner
Magic Element: Water
Personal Slogan: Hello Princess
Six words that describe him: Carefree, light hearted, deceptive, intelligent, flirt

Jeremiah Tanner is a flighty, flirty guy who fancies himself a prince and God’s gift to women. He is cheerful and friendly, although he can use his smiles and seemingly low intellect to deliver insults to those he dislikes. Jeremiah is ever the sympathetic crusader for girls—all girls—but does whatever work is asked of him in a timely manner.



Name: Isaac Eastgate (Library Director) Aka The Tyrant
Magic Element: ?
Slogan: Sit down and shut up, idiot
Six words that describe him: Crabby, powerful, testy, workaholic, reserved,  all knowing

In the universe of Saint Cloud, Isaac Eastgate is the sun. He is rarely seen and is known mostly for his insults, steep disciplinary actions, and general tyranny. He never smiles and is expressive as a stone unless he is angered. It is generally agreed upon that he doesn’t like anybody at all, and is always in a bad mood.

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