New Contest + Loading Life Reader

Horrah! Life Reader is uploading to Amazon as I type! It should be available for purchase in the next 24 hours, but remember I’ll be offering it for free June 6-June 10.

The release of Life Reader marks two new contests:

Spread the Secret: The point of Spread the Secret is to get the word out about Life Reader, specifically the five days I’m offering it for free. The rules are pretty simple: the two people who spread the news about Life Reader the most will each get the chance to name a character that pops up in the extra chapter of Life Reader. To enter all you need to do is post in the discussion on my Amazon Author page (click here) or email me a list of all the ways you shared the secret of Life Reader. Feel free to use any of the Life Reader media I have made available on the Life Reader page when you share/like/talk it up! Here are a few ideas of places you can spread the secret: Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, Shelfari, Google+, verbally (Yes, if you TELL a friend about Life Reader I’m counting that!), Amazon, blog about it, Youtube, review it, etc. How many ways can you spread the secret?

Talk Shop: Starting date: June 10   Ending date: June 30
Talk Shop is my favorite kind of contest because everyone who enters automatically wins. (Yaaaay!) All you need to do is read Life Reader, review it, and email me a copy of your review with a valid email address. Within 48 hours I will email you an extra chapter of Life Reader. Please give Life Reader an honest review–you don’t have to wax poetry over it.

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