Camelot is coming

I’m excited to announce that tomorrow marks the first day that Life Reader will be offered for free! It will be free from June 6 to June 10. Life Reader is the second young adult urban fantasy book I’ve published, although it takes an entirely different stance on magic and paranormal beings than my first YA urban fantasy, My Life at the MBRC. My Life at the MBRC is something of a satire. Life Reader revels in the marvels of magic. If you’ve liked any of my other books please pick up a free copy of Life Reader! Remember to review and send me an email and I’ll send you a free extra chapter of Life Reader.

I also have some news on the next book I’m publishing. King Arthur and her Knights (Yes, the title is still pending, you know me too well) is started. Right now I have a measly 5,000 words, but the deeper I plunge into the story the faster I go. King Arthur and her Knights is going to be a series–don’t worry, I promise not to end the books in cliffhangers as I did for Robyn Hood: A Girl’s Tale. The reason its a series is because there are too many legends and stories I want to explore. The Knights of the Round Table are a fascinating bunch, and there’s more literature out there about them then there is about King Arthur himself. King Arthur and her Knights will be approximately 40,000 words, and it will show how Britt secures her throne. In spite of how most movies portray it Arthur didn’t pull the sword from the stone and waltz up to a throne. There were a number of kings and rebellions he had to subdue first.

Thanks for reading, Champions. I hope you enjoy Life Reader.

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