Extra Chapter Available

Good day to you all, Champions!

The characters who show up in the extra chapter of Life Reader have been officially named as the prize of the Spread the Secret contest!

Sara named the Bakertown city official, Stanley Whalberg
and Tiffany named the second page turner trainee, Violet Rockette

You can meet Stanley and Violet in the extra chapter of Life Reader. All you need to do is review Life Reader on Amazon and fill out the contact form in the contact me section with a valid email. I’ll send you an email with the chapter in a PDF and/or word document format. Thank you to everyone who participated in Spread the Secret!

In honor of Life Reader I have some library trivia to share! The two largest libraries in the world are the Library of Congress and the British Library. Both libraries have approximately 150 million items in the library, and both receive approximately 1.75 million visitors a year. The third largest library in the world is the New York Public Library, which has over 53 million items in its collection. However, it has 87 branch libraries and boasts a whopping 18 million visitors a year. Compared to those libraries, the fictional Saint Cloud is quite small, huh?

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