Little Literature

As a true book nerd I adore all things books. I’m not just talking collecting books and watching movies-that-were-based-on-books, I mean all things. I love book ends, book art, and any craft projects that use books. Recently a colleague of mine introduced me to the idea of book jewellery. Little Literature is an example of that.

Little Literature is a small business that creates tiny books. The books are a mere 22 mm high, and are sold as bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Let’s look again at the height, 22mm. That means they aren’t even an inch tall! The books are crafted by Abby, who started making mini books in 2011.


Awww! Little Lotr!

Considering the price of jewelry these days, the books are a steal. A necklace will cost you about $11, and a bracelet is about $20. I am so in love with this idea, and if anyone knows how to make these PLEASE TELL ME. I would love to get a Narnia or a Jane Austen set!

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