Adventures on the Horizon!

Good day to you, Champions! Today is something of a newsy update and it’s a little vague because I don’t have any solid details at the moment so I apologize in ahead of time–I just couldn’t keep my news from you any longer!

First off I’m excited to announce that a reader-turned-editor is joining my team. She goes by Sunshine, which is pretty ironic considering how her corrections make me weep. Sunshine will help me by combing over both the Robyn Hood books. I recently took a glance at my Robyn Hood stories and noticed that the quality of editing is sub-par compared to my other stories. I know I took less time to edit the Robyn Hood books because I was rushing to release them, but that’s not a good excuse. I’m very much indebted to Sunshine for going over my books, which she will hopefully get a start on this upcoming week. I’ll announce when I have corrected versions available for purchase, and when I get a release dates hashed out I will announce what days I plan to offer the Robyn Hood books for free in promotion of King Arthur and her Knights.

Next up, I am planning to borrow off Life Reader and have a promotional contest for King Arthur and her Knights. I’m not sure yet what the contest will look like, or even what the prize will be, so if you have any ideas or if there is a certain kind of prize you would like offered (Within reason obviously) please send me an email or comment below!

Finally, I’m still looking to expand my team with one to three previewers. Previewers would be given (free) reading copies of my books before I release them. She/he would be asked to read it, and then leave a honest review on Amazon shortly after I upload the book. I would give the previewers a week or two to read the book before I released it on Amazon. If it sounds like something you’re interested in please send me an email!

Have a merry weekend, Champions! Next week I’ll give you a progress report for King Arthur and her Knights!

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