The end is near!

Horrah, the end is near, for King Arthur and Her Knights book 1 anyway. I have about 5,000 words left to write. Of course, me being me that translates to 8,000. Writing this book surprised me in several ways. First of all Arthur waged a LOT of wars right after he got his crown. Most/almost all writers skip the war part and go straight to the good stuff, like the Round Table and all the knights that come with it.

However, I found it fascinating because these wars introduce a lot of characters who you don’t typically hear of, and who mostly stay in the background. Sir Kay and Sir Ector (Arthur’s foster brother and father) play a huge role in the war, and once it’s over and Arthur’s throne is secured they pretty much fall into household duties. They don’t ride off on adventures, in a way they’re stuck playing babysitter. I dreaded writing book one because of the lack of Round Table knights, but I’ve really enjoyed exploring the characterization of the knights that put (and keep) Arthur on the throne. What was even more fascinating to me is that a lot of knights enter the story and die, with the exception of the big name guys like Lancelot and Gawain, but these pre-Round Table guys are with Arthur until he dies. They don’t go out questing and complete all sorts of magnificent deeds, but they are staunch and loyal, and they are the only knights to stand with Arthur for his entire reign.

On the downside I’m 99% sure I will have to include an index of names in the books. The lack of last names is killing me as a lot of names are similar. (Some of them are the exact same, the second guy is just called the younger or the lesser. That would rot to be known as the lesser.) Right now it’s not so bad, but once all the Round Table knights gather in I’m doomed.

Speaking of which, I’m playing with titles for this book. Obviously some of these are jokes, but weigh in if you like a particular title!

Series: King Arthur and Her Knights   Book name:?

  • Crowning King Arthur
  • Legend of the Red Dragon  (For those of you who don’t know a red dragon was Arthur’s symbol)
  • Of Swords, Wars, and Camelot
  • Omgawsh Merlin is Hot!
  • the Birth of a Legend
  • King Arthur Wins Her Throne

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