Yes, my bad

Sorry for the crazy updating schedule this week, I will return to my regular Monday, Wednesday, Friday updates next week! Until then I have wonderful/wretched news. It’s wonderful for you readers, but wretched for me because apparently I am a glutton for punishment.

Normally when a writer finishes a book they take a creative break for a few days, or at least a week or two. I planned to do that with Enthroned, book one of King Arthur and Her Knights. I finished it Friday afternoon, played around a little with formatting on Saturday and then promised myself I wouldn’t look at it for at least a week. That goal is going along swimmingly, unfortunately I really got into a role with Britt and her knights so I’ve already started book two.


It is difficult to have the gumption to write book after book without any breaks, which is usually why I take a mini vacation, but Britt and Merlin are just too much fun, and I am very excited about the new characters that will be introduced in book two. I just started it Monday, but by the time Enthroned is released I should have a pretty good idea of how soon I will have book two finished. I suspect there will be an early September release date, but I’m not willing to commit to anything just yet.

I’m hoping to announce the contests I’ll be holding for Enthroned tomorrow, so stay tuned for more King Arthur news. Thank you for reading, Champions!

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