Enthroned News

Horrah, Enthroned has made it’s official Amazon debut! Today is the last day you can snag a copy for free. I’m pleased (and honored) to announce that it is currently #261 in the free Kindle Store and #5 in mythology, #5 in Fairy Tales, and #8 in New Adult romance! Thank you to everyone who bought/downloaded Ethroned, I hope you enjoy it!

I’ve been working on Enchanted–which I am strangely addicted to writing. The new characters that pop up in this book are just smashing! I’ll be releasing some character profiles so I can chatter your ears off about the new cast in the upcoming weeks, but with the rate I’ve been writing a September release date is probably with in reach. (Let there be a celebration!)

Today I’m humming with excitement. I’m going to Barnes & Nobles with a friend of mine tonight who needs to pick up some research materials. (Yes, I am such a book nerd my friends ask me to help them buy books.) I love all book stores, but the bigness of Barnes & Nobles store speaks to my soul. I might pick up additional King Arthur reference books while I’m there, some of the books I’m using are so old I think the pages are starting to disintegrate.

Thanks for reading, Champions, and have a fantastic week!

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