Are you Enchanted?

With the release of Enthroned, book one of King Arthur and Her Knights, I have naturally had a lot of questions about book two in the series, Enchanted.

In Enchanted  Britt is forced to defend her throne from a new kind of threat: Morgause–the beautiful wife of King Lot. When the gorgeous queen drops by Camelot in a show of ‘goodwill’ Britt’s knights fawn over Morgause and start insinuating they wished to have Lot as their king so Morgause could rule. Merlin refuses to help Britt snap her men out of it and claims it is beyond his skill. Even worse, Morgause has brought her sons with and one of them is the young Gawainwhom Britt knows to be a famous round table/Arthurian knight.

Enthroned served as Britt’s introduction to Britain. Enchanted is Britt’s introduction to kingship.  It focuses on espionage and court intrigue compared to Enthroned, which was mostly about war.

So far Morgause has been an utter blast to write. She is much more colorful than any of the kings who opposed Britt in Enthroned, and I absolutely love her little entourage/sons. Usually when I write female villains they are icy and calculating. Morgause smolders and simpers.

I’m also excited to write Enchanted because it introduces Gawain–my favorite Arthurian knight. Writing Gawain is proving to be a challenge, but that is mostly because coming to Camelot is a turning point in his life. There’s a few other well known Arthurian characters who  will be making their first official appearances, but I have to save some secrets for you to read in the book so that’s all I will say today!

As I have stated before Enchanted will (hopefully) be released in September. I think I will be able to meet that goal, but life enjoys exploding in my face so I’m not promising it quite yet.

Thanks for reading, Champions!


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