Editing News

It has come to my attention that a few of my older books, Like the Robyn Hood series and Princess Ahira, are in great need of some TLE, or Tender Loving Editing. My editor, Sunshine, recently combed through both of the Robyn Hood books and I’m devoting myself to Princess Ahira. Princess Ahira is getting a formatting facelift, and I’m tightening up the writing as I go. (In example I’m replacing words that don’t necessarily belong in the world/time that I portray Ahira to live in, fixing errors, cutting back descriptive language, etc.)

Robyn Hood will be getting the same treatment from me, but for now Ahira is the book that is really getting a remake. I’m announcing this because when I release the new, cleansed version of Princess Ahira I plan to mark the price up to $2.99. The new version will include some bonus content (two short stories) but if you don’t mind formatting errors and you do mind the upcoming price tag I suggest you snag a copy while it’s available at 99 cents.

Some of you may be wondering why I’m bothering to fix books I’ve already released. Truth be told I wasn’t aware of how to properly format a word file so it could be loaded onto a Kindle when I released Princess Ahira. I’m much better at that process now, so when I look back at Princess Ahira it’s more than a little embarrassing. Plus I am fond of Princess Ahira, and no story deserves the horrid errors I’ve discovered in it.

Thanks for reading, Champions, I will speak to you on Wednesday!

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