Book Trailers

Today I wanted to talk about Book Trailers. I can’t seem to make my mind up about them, sometimes I stumble across the rare book trailer that makes me go “GIVE ME THAT BOOK RIGHT NOW OR ELSE!!” but mostly I find trailers that make me go “…why did you bother?”

To begin with I’m not exactly certain what the point of a book trailer is. I suppose it’s another way to spread the word about a book as they can be posted on Youtube and shared on twitter/facebook/etc. Some people feel that book trailers in a way violate books because the beauty of reading is to use your imagination and picture what’s going on. Personally I think that’s a load of hogwash, because we could say the same thing about a book’s cover.

My personal beef with trailers is that many of them are unimaginative in that they use the cover art and zoom in on certain portions or pan across it and use words that are found on the back cover of the book. If I wanted to know what the cover looked like I would have just looked at the cover. Of course, I say that as a loving critic. I have two book trailers myself and I’m not certain how I feel about them.

I think part of the problem is that book trailers is an art form that is still being discovered. The more book trailers are produced the higher quality they will be made at. Here are a few cream of the crop book trailers that dazzled me. Enjoy!

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