Enchanted Release Date

I’m gearing up to start my second read through/edit of Enchanted. After reading an Enthroned review that specifically asked for more character development in Enchanted I went back and added a scene that I realized was necessary to tie up loose ends and would nurture character development for Britt and one of her knights, Sir Bedivere. (See, I listen to what you guys say!) The word count keeps climbing, but I would rather tell the whole story then give you something that’s half baked.

I have decided that I will release Enchanted Wednesday, October 16. It will be offered for free Thursday (17) and Friday (18) with a possible extension of Saturday. It’s a little later than I wanted to release it, but I am determined to make Enchanted the highest quality book I have offered yet.

Although I’m launching a new, stand alone book as my next project, I have been thinking about King Arthur and Her Knights. I’ve already begun research for the next book, Embittered, but I’m trying to decide how many books I want in the series. I believe there will be a minimum of six, but that’s if I really skimp out on the information I present. I suppose it will be up to you, Champions, and how you receive Enchanted.

It’s a short post today but my next book project calls. Take care, Champions, and thanks for reading!


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