Book Jewelry

It’s been a while since I’ve geeked out over book goods. I thought I would amend that situation.

Today we’re looking at Janda Jewelry.

Book 1Janda Jewelry produces various book themed pieces of jewelry. (SURPRISE!) Some of them are book pendents and necklaces, but I know I covered something like that in an earlier post so today I wanted to highlight their bookcase necklaces and book bracelets. They do come in different colors–I saw some green, brown, and blue hued bracelets/bookcase necklaces too.

book 2The above necklace is $35 and the bracelet is $40, these are  more expensive than the book pendents they have for sale, but they’re a little more classy. They also have some super cute earrings, and even some rings!

I found Janda Jewelry while skulking around on Etzy. I’m actually such a Disney/fairy tale fangirl that I’m looking to see if anyone has ever made a copy of the Cinderella/Sleeping Beauty books from the openings of the Disney movies. I haven’t found one yet, but I still see tons of awesome things on Etzy, so if you’re looking for awesome gifts for book nerds you really need to check it out.

Beyond that, I’m getting completely schooled by my Wadsworth book–it’s almost depressing to read truth be told. Next week is my last spit shine edit of Enthroned, and the week after is it’s release date. Yaaaaaaay. I’m starting to get my books loaded on smashwords as well–so far it’s only My Life at the MBRC–so if you see me on there don’t be alarmed and give me a holler!

Have a great weekend Champions, I’ll see you come Monday!

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