Wow, I’m posting really late tonight. Why is that? Because I’m a sad, sad individual with little to no social life–let’s take a moment to reflect on this sadness. Hah, joking, it’s because I busted my butt and finished the final read through of Enchanted! All that’s left is to get the hyperlinks in the table of contents up and running, and add the character list.

Enchanted‘s cover art is still going through the selection process. But if all goes well this time next week Enchanted will be available for purchase! Yaaay!

That being said, I would like to go on the record of saying how much I hate grammar rules. I haven’t second guessed myself so much since I took the ACT in high school. The Final Edit is the killjoy of writing.

That’s it for today, Champions. Just typing is making me wonder if anything I say is actually grammatically correct, which means it’s time to go. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you Friday!

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