An Enchanted Release (HAH!)

The good news is that Enchanted has been successfully uploaded and is now available on the kindle for 99 cents like it’s processor, Enthroned. It will be available for FREE for three days starting tomorrow–Thursday, October 17–and ending Saturday, so tell your kids, your relatives, your friends, that random guy on the street who is walking a dog, tell everyone! Enchanted was a lot of fun to write, and I really hope you guys enjoy reading it.

The bad news is that I painfully burned my arm this morning when I splashed myself with hot tea. When I say splash, I mean dosed. I got tea EVERYWHERE, but mostly it hit my arm first. It’s all hideously red and it buuuurrrnnnss and I fear it’s going to puff up in blisters–which would really stink because it already hurts to type.  But!! I will not let this ruin my Enchanted release day! Just think of this as a public service announcement: handle your hot mugs of tea with care.

Moving on, sometime next week I will reveal the super secret project I’ve been working on. If the burned arm thing doesn’t set me back too badly I may (keyword may) be able to have a late November release date for it. Until then, please spread the news about Enchanted’s free days, and I will see you Friday.

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