Ruuun!–A bad poetry day

The Things I could Do
Oh The things I could do–If I stopped staring at youtube
I could write a book or eat an ice cube
Or find the time to make soup with a bouillan cube
Oh the things i could do–if it’ weren’t for yahoo
I could unclog the sink drain, perhaps visit the loo
I might snooze on the couch, or feed the animals at the zoo.
But why stop there?There’s more to share!
Why, just think of the things I could do if I stopped WASTING MY TIME ON THE INTERNET!!!!


Oh yes. It has happened. Today is a bad poetry day. I’m wrestling a lot with my current writing project–the heroine is a personality type I don’t usually write so I have to think very carefully before she speaks. (She hasn’t an ounce of sarcasm, and it is KILLING ME.) And the hero? He’s pretty uninterested. In everything. I know I supposedly control him as the author, but this guy is a new breed of stubborn and calmness. He makes Arion, from Red Rope of Fate, look like a socially adjusted, emotionally competent man.

By the end of the week I promise I will reveal this new project–remember it’s a stand alone book–but I want to get a little farther before I officially announce it so I can better predict what my release schedule looks like for the rest of the year. So please hang in there, Champions. I would like to take this moment to greet all my new readers who picked up a free (or bought) copy of any of my books this past weekend. You guys are making my blog traffic explode–which I take great joy in. I hope you like what you read and feel free to stick around, comment, or contact me with any of your thoughts! Until then, I’ll see you all on Wednesday.


2 comments on “Ruuun!–A bad poetry day

    • Hahah, ironically it was Beauty and the Beast. I did a massive edit on Elle’s personality after this post. Originally she was this sweet, kind, shy thing, and I couldn’t get Severin to even look at her. (Plus she kept getting scared of him. Which was irritating.) After I made her more sarcastic, witty, and confident the book finally got going! I shudder to think of what would have happened if I kept her with the original, mild personality.

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