Horrah for Enchanted

Enchanted has been available now for a week, and it’s doing quite well for itself number wise. I’m relieved because Enthroned seem to be a hit or miss for most folk, so I wasn’t sure if Enchanted would perform as well as Enthroned. Thankfully it is outdoing my expectations, but I’m still apprehensive.

It hasn’t received any reviews on Amazon, and the silence makes me  nervous. I suppose if everyone hated it there would be lots of reviews, so maybe the silence is a good thing, but believe it or not I don’t like reviews just for my ego. I actually take what you readers say into serious consideration. Case in point, a review in Enthroned mentioned she wanted to see some more character development for Britt and her men. I received this review when I was already finish with Enchanted, but I decided to go back and add an additional scene, and heavily edit a few other scenes to fulfill that reader’s request.

If you have any desires like that, don’t hesitate to let me know whether it be through a review, a comment here on my blog, or an email. What do you want to see more of? Action? Romance? What characters do you want to see more?

That being said, Enchanted has received two reviews on goodreads that I am thrilled with! Hopefully I can deliver with my next King Arthur and Her Knights book, Embittered, and keep you all in love with Britt and her court. And yes, I have been looking forward to Embittered since I started this series, because now I finally get to pick on Lancelot. Buwaha!

Thanks for reading, Champions, I’ll see you on Friday when I reveal my next book!

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