It’s a short update today because I’ve got lots to do, but I wanted to warn you, Champions, that I will again be playing around with the format and layout of my blog, and I’m working on getting my domain name hooked up to it. I need to do a wee bit of social media housekeeping, so I’ll be peeking around twitter and my facebook page as well. Basically don’t worry if you happen to pop in for a visit and everything looks wonky. I have the tendency to make things worse before I can get them fixed up.

Beyond that I haven’t much to report. Beauty and the Beast is coming along swimmingly, and I’ve made a commitment to busting my butt the next two weeks to push it forward. I’m about to get tangled up in the romantic part of the story, which honestly I find awkward. It’s a challenge to write romance, my real strength lies in witty dialog and action scenes. When I write romance scenes I end up wanting to yell at my characters “Just kiss already!” This is probably a symptom of watching too many Disney movies as a child.


So yes, I’ll be pushing through the awkward romance writing. I shall report back on Wednesday, Champions. Thanks for reading!

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