The Editing Frenzy

I have begun the Editing Frenzy for Beauty and the Beast. It’s not so bad since I had to go back and make adjustments when I was about halfway through writing the story, but I would dearly like to get this first edit read-through finished before Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving I’m sending B&B off to be edited by two lovely friends of mine. I will then do a final read through, so I am hopeful that B&B will be available sometime in mid December.

I plan to hold my usual specials for B&B which means 1. I will offer it for free for a few days–don’t worry I will announce it well before the date so you all can snag it. 2. I’ll be offering an extra chapter to those who review B&B and email me to show they did. I’ll have more details for both specials when I select an actual release date.

While B&B is getting shopped out, I will begin working on Embittered, the next King Arthur and Her Knights book. I have no idea how long it will take me to write Embittered, but at the latest you can expect it to be released in February.

It’s another short update today, but tomorrow I will have time to actually present a decent/not-self-centered post. Plus I want someone to gloat with me that Embittered is my next project. Celebration!

Thanks for reading, Champions, and I shall see you tomorrow.


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