Cross your Fingers

With a little bit of ingenious maneuvering, Beauty and the Beast will be available for purchase late next week. I just got the manuscript back last night and I need to edit it once more, but after that the manuscript is ready for publishing. There is a slight hang up in the art department, though, as Myrrhlynn and I had plans to take a photograph for this cover and the weather just isn’t cooperating. According to the forecast I should be able to get the desired shot Sunday evening or Monday morning. Time will tell if this happens, though.

I would like to get B&B up by Wednesday (December 11) because typically I try to have my free days fall on Thursdays and Fridays. I think it’s a reasonable goal, and at worst it will be delayed a day or two. If there are changes to the release date/freebie days, fear not! I assure you that I will trumpet B&B‘s free days on this blog because I appreciate your loyalty in reading it.

And on that note, I shall make my departure. Thank you for reading, Champions, and I will see you all on Monday.

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