I have some big news to share! First of all I did some techno mumbo-jumbo, so you can get to this blog super quickly if you type in http://www.kmshea.com. Huzzah for domain mapping!

Secondly I just finished uploading Beauty and the Beast. Amazon has to OK it and publish it, so it probably won’t be available until midnight-ish tonight. I have to confess, I was starting to grow worried about getting it up in time so for now it has a really, really bad placeholder image as the cover. When Myrrhlynn (my cover artist) sees it she is either going to laugh herself silly, or tell me in a flat voice that I lack taste. As soon as the professional cover is ready I will replace it ASAP.

As a reminder, I will be offering B&B for free on Friday and Saturday, and I’ll be offering a free extra B&B short story to anyone who reviews B&B. For details see the top post!

That’s all I have for this short but sweet update. I wish you all a happy Wednesday, and I will see you on Friday.

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