Embittered Release Date

I finally feel comfortable selecting a release date for Embittered, so I chose Thursday, February 6, as the official launch date. Embittered will be offered for free for one day, Friday, February 7. If something happens and I’m unable to release Embittered on those days I will be sure to let you know, Champions.

Also I will be releasing Enthroned, Enchanted, and Embittered with some extra content (2 short stories and some background information) as a three pack for $2.99. I’m not certain what day I’ll be able to release the three pack on, but I will try to release it as close to Embittered‘s release date as possible.

I’m really anxious to see how you all will like Lancelot. I spent quite a bit of time crafting his interactions with Britt. It was challenging because this book was going to lack the witty banter between Morgause and Merlin, so I needed to provide humor without letting Britt go totally wild and punching Lancelot in the face–which is something she would dearly love to do.

I didn’t get to bring one of my favorite characters into this story–Nymue, the Lady of the Lake–but she’ll be popping up a lot more starting in the next book so I can forgive myself.

So yes. Two weeks, Champions. Let the countdown begin!

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