King Arthur and Her Knights 3-in-1

This is the week! Embittered should be up on Amazon by Thursday. Can you feel the magic, Champions?

In all seriousness I’m very anxious to find out what you King Arthur and Her Knights readers have to say about Lancelot, and I urge you not to judge Lancelot until you read the whole book! *insert evil laughter here*

As we dwell on releases, I want to take this chance to announce the release of a King Arthur and Her Knights three pack. For $2.99 Enthroned, Enchanted, and Embittered will be bundled together with a short story (On the Musings of Sir Kay) and some extra content for Embittered. It will also have a brief companion article for each book that talks about the legends and stories Britt’s adventure follows. I will try to get the three pack up ASAP after Embittered is released, but it might not be out until next week since I’m determined to get at least 20 pages of The Wild Swans written this week and the three pack still needs a bit of formatting.

That is all the news I have to share today, Champions. Until Wednesday, be merry and eat chocolate!

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