What about Wild Swans?

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! May you eat a lot of chocolate and enjoy the day! (I’m such a juvenile, I still pass out Valentine cards to my friends. Typically I use Disney Princess themed ones.)

Moving on to more book-ish news… Since Embittered has been out for a week, I’ve been getting lots of emails wondering when Wild Swans will be available. If writing goes as well as it has been, you can expect Wild Swans to be released at the end of March. I’m going to be reaaalllyyy close to finishing it this month, but then I have to edit it, my test reader has to peek at it, Myrrhlynn has to work on the cover art, and I have a brand new editor who will be taking a whack at it.

Editing is a collaborative process, which is why it adds on almost another month. Editing is also what takes the story from “Meh” to “Ooooh.” I’m just under halfway through Wild Swans, and I’ve already gone back once to add two new characters and several new scenes. (By the time I’m done writing I will probably have gone back and cut one character and taken away a scene or two, hah-hah.) The edits help me solidify main themes of the story (For example, lying in B&B.) and go back and add hints of what doom is about to befall our poor characters next.

SO, what I’m trying to say is I swear the wait for all the extra editing will be worth it. Thanks for reading, Champions. I will see you on Monday for some more discussion!

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