Wild Swans Update & Book Banquet

I have 81 pages of The Wild Swans written. Better yet, the Test Reader just got caught up this weekend and gave it her stamp of approval. Both she and I have high hopes that you all will enjoy this story. Elise and her quirky foster brothers exchange a lot of witty lines, and the story has a little more plot to it than B&B did so it sets a faster pace.

Writing news aside, before I grew ill last week I was craving fictional foods. (Think Harry Potter Butterbeer, Katniss’ Lamb Stew, Lembas bread from Lord of the Rings, are you hungry yet?) I haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for, but in my quest for fiction inspired foods I found a few websites I thought I would share with you guys

Fictional Food: This website is confusing to navigate, but it has some great Hunger Games and Game of Thrones recipes

Cook Fiction: I love that this place has great diversity in the series it pulls the foods from. There’s Bubbly Pies from the Dragon Riders of Pern, Lemon Cakes from Game of Thrones, Scooby-Doo scooby snacks, Sonic Screwdrivers from Dr. Who, and more.

Food Through the Pages: The most extensive site I found, this place has recipes for Robin McKinley’s Beauty, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and more. It also also gets props for the clean webdesign and excellent directions.

I hope this whets your appetite and gets your imagination going! Until next time; be well, Champions.

2 comments on “Wild Swans Update & Book Banquet

  1. So very much looking forward to Wild Swans. A friend and I were talking and we decided that “Life Reader” needs tow things: 1) a sequel, and 2) it would make an awesome movie. Love your work.

  2. Well, the second desire is a little out of my reach, but the first thing I think I can manage. 😉 In all seriousness, I do want to write a sequel for Life Reader, the timing is what is proving to be tricky. I can promise you one will come, but it might not be for a while.

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