Sad Panda is Sad

sad pandaThis is a pretty accurate depiction of how I feel right now. I can’t believe it but I haven’t finished Wild Swans yet!! The good news is that all that is left is the epilog. I should finish tomorrow or on Friday. It’s not that I’ve been slacking or anything, it’s that this story is turning out to be much longer than I expected.

Like, we’re talking about 50 pages longer. So, really this is an occasion for a celebration because 1) the book is–I promise–almost finished and 2) it’s going to be longer, which is something the majority of my readers seem to long for.

Unfortunately this means that I’ve used my entire daily quota of somewhat-intelligent-things-to-say in my writing, so I’m tapped out at this moment. I will post on Friday to let you know how the epilogs go. I do think that everyone who enjoyed B&B will like Wild Swans, they might even possibly like it more. It is much more of a plot heavy book, there are more light hearted moments, and it has more character development than you can shake a stick at. (All the FEELINGS! It hurts me!!!)

Alright. I’m going to go sit in a corner and lean against it for moral support. Until Friday, Champions!

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