Editing & Open Voting

Today I took my first stab at editing Wild Swans. It’s going well, but I’m very excited to share my newest scheme/shenanigan with you! Today is the grand opening of CHAMPIONS’ CHOICE.

This summer I plan to write a long over due sequel for a book. What book? That depends on you. CHAMPIONS’ CHOICE allows you to vote for the book you most want to see a sequel to. The choices are:

  • My Life at the MBRC
  • Life Reader
  • Red Rope of Fate

I will write a sequel to the book that gets the most votes. Voting starts today and ends April 3. I will announce the winner on Friday, April 4, although I will give updates during the voting period.

Voting is open to everyone, but in order to keep things controlled I will be gathering the results myself rather than slapping a poll up here. To vote fill out the contact form in the top post of this page where I have all the info about CHAMPIONS’ CHOICE. Please give me your name and email, and the title of the book you want to vote for.

That’s it, so please vote for your favorite! Anyone care to make a wager which book will win?

2 comments on “Editing & Open Voting

  1. Just One!!! This is going to be hard. I want to read a sequel from all of them. Will have to think about this for awhile. 🙂

    • Oddly enough I plan to cast a vote too, and I am also waiting. I want to get closer to the end of voting so I can see which book really pulls out ahead of the others, buwahah!

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