Greed is thy name

Today I made the unfortunate discovery that I froze a bunch of the molasses cookies I made with my mother roughly a month ago. I say unfortunate because I just scarfed down several of those cookies, and now I’m starting to regret my greed. Not to self: I no longer have the ability to eat a meal consisting entirely of desserts.

Perfect Dog is doing the bathroom dance, so I’m going to make this quick! I finished the first round of editing The Wild Swans. I start the second round tomorrow.

As for your CHAMPIONS CHOICE update:

  • Life Reader: 11 votes
  • My Life at the MBRC 16 votes
  • Red Rope of Fate 6 votes

Voting is open until April 3.

Perfect dog says “GET OFF THE COMPUTER NOW AND TAKE ME TO THE LITTLE GIRL’S ROOM,” so I shall end it here. Thanks for reading, Champions. Until Friday!

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