The Champions Have Spoken

And the Winner of CHAMPIONS’ CHOICE is….MY LIFE AT THE MBRC!! This summer I will, as promised, write the sequel to My Life at the MBRC. Although I won’t start writing it for a few months, I do have a bit of plot teaser for you to read…

Morgan thought the most difficult decision of her life was deciding to become an official employee of the Magical Beings’ Rehabilitation Center. But now, a senior in high school, she’s realizing it only gets worse. With a certain Goblin mob boss urging her to stay within commuting distance of Chicago, and a flirtatious Pooka pushing her to study overseas, Morgan has a hard enough time trying to sort through her college choices the way it is. Planning out her future is made even more difficult, though, when she’s given the choice between a normal college experience and making a career within the magical community.

The final vote count was…

  • Life Reader: 29 votes
  • My Life at the MBRC: 35 votes
  • Red Rope of Fate: 14 votes

I was surprised by the number of Champions who wanted to vote for all three. Most people seemed to struggle in deciding between Life Reader and My Life at the MBRC.

Congratulations to everyone who voted for My Life at the MBRC! And I offer my assurances to the Champions who voted for Life Reader and Red Rope of Fate that both of those books will eventually have sequels as well. Thanks for reading, and have a fantastic Friday!

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