Breaking news!

Next week Princess Ahira will be available for free from 4/24 to 4/26. (That’s Thursday to Saturday.) Even if you already have Princess Ahira I suggest downloading it again (I’m looking up how to do this, hopefully I have some instructions for next week) because this is a newly corrected copy with a fresh cover. It’s sooooo beautiful!

The even better news of today is that Wild Swans should be ready for release a week or two after Prince Ahira’s promo. Wheeeee! Myrrhlynn finished the cover art for Wild Swans a while ago, so I’m planning to do the cover reveal next week.

Alrighty, I’m still trying to plant my head in the ground due to my ear infections, so I’m going to sign off whilst I still make sense. Keep on rocking on, Champions!

PS: For those who want today, today’s comfort/ear-infection-indulgent book of the day is: Goose Girl

5 comments on “Breaking news!

    • YES! I am obsessed with “Midnight in Austenland” and “Goose Girl.” They are some of my absolute favorite books! (As you could probably tell by the post!)

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