Run & Hide–It’s a Bad Poetry Day–ish

Today I’m really cranking out Cinderella, and I’ve used just about every word that I’ve got to do it. The good news is Cinderella is well over halfway finished, the bad news is I’m barely able to string words in a coherent sentence. So! 😀 Normally I would do a bad Poetry Day today, but I can’t choose a topic to make bad poetry about, so instead it’s bad artwork day. The following comic has been produced by yours truly.


So what is the moral of this…erm… picture? My work space is crowded, and I’m a few steps away from being a pig. (For the sake of ease of drawing, I simplified what is on my desk. Ahahah) 😉 Until Wednesday, Champions!

One comment on “Run & Hide–It’s a Bad Poetry Day–ish

  1. I can very much relate to the over crowded desk. For a while I just thought things were levitating in the corner until I uncovered the desk. Thanks for the art work. Nice to know my overwhelmed desk is not alone in the universe.

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