A Cinderella update

Today I only have good news. First of all, I finished the first draft of Cinderella, and I’ve already dove into the editing process. I’m hoping to hand Cinderella off to my Editor (yes, she deserves the capitalization for what I put her through) sometime next week. Typically this means the release date is about 3-4 weeks away, so I’m hoping for a late June release date.

Secondly, the submissions for the NAME GAME are too fabulous, so I’m changing the rewards. The three Grand Prize Winners will still have their suggested names used in the sequel, but in addition to their real names appearing in the “About the Author” section of the book, I will also send each Grand Prize Winner a free e-copy (if that is a word??) of the sequel when the book is released. (I will use Amazon to make this transaction, so you will need a table or a Kindle app.)

In a second twist I am adding Honorable Mentions to the winning circle. Submitters who are Honorable Mentions will also be listed in My Life at the MBRC’s Sequel. (Sorry, I’m still working on a title that isn’t a major spoiler.) Submissions for the NAME GAME are open for another 3ish days. May 31st is the last day I’m accepting submissions, so get your names to me post-haste!

With that news, I’m going to get back to editing. Thank you for reading, Champions. Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

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