Enter, Amazed Cat

This is what happens when I stay on the computer too long.


Suddenly everything becomes amazing and it’s reaaaaalllyyy hard to see in the sunlight.

I’m almost through editing Cinderella. I’ve added on about another 15 pages of scenes, so it’s almost 68,000 words. (That’s just a few pages less than The Wild Swans for those who are curious.) Also, Life Reader will be available for free next week, starting 6/13 and going through 6/17. I’ve got a few typos and errors I will be fixing before it’s free, so it will be a cleaner copy.

I WILL be finished with Cinderella editing tomorrow. After that it gets shipped off to the Editor (all hail the Editor!) who will put it through the chop shop. I will go through it again and perform the final checks (Testing the table of contents, etc) before popping it on Amazon. I’m planning for a July 10th-ish release date, but don’t write it in yet. I might put it up a few days earlier or later.

I’m going to get off this machine and bathe my eyeballs in sunlight, lest I be tempted to search for more funny cat pictures/memes. Have a great Wednesday, Champions! I will see you all on Friday!

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