Cinderella release date!

The Editor has returned Cinderella! (With roughly a billion punctuation corrections, but still!) There was much celebration in…well…my office. Anyway, I am thrilled to announce that I will be cleaning Cinderella up over the next week or so, and plan to release it July 10, 2014. (That’s a Thursday for those of you who are keeping track.) Later this week I will release the cover art–Myrrhlynn has done another fabulous job with this design–and I also want to add that I will run a “Book it” special for Cinderella.

I’m sure most of you Champions are familiar with this shameless ploy of mine, but simply put “Book it” is a contest of sorts in which everyone wins. If you review Cinderella and email me I will send you a free, extra chapter of Cinderella. Closer to Cinderella‘s release date, I’ll put the details in the top post, as usual.

That’s all my exciting news for today, so I will leave you with this image as my disclaimer:


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