I’m baaack!

Greetings Champions. I have returned from my blessed vacation! That’s right, Panda is back!

panda is back

For those of you who don’t get the panda thing, do a search on my blog for Sad Panda. You won’t regret it!

My trip was wonderful, I visited New Hampshire, New York, and Pennsylvania. It was really inspiring to see the different geography. I have some gorgeous photos I’ll show you all in the next week or so.

I’ve got plenty of good news to go around! First up, the MBRC sequel is just shy of being halfway written. I hope to finish it this month, Editor will hack it up the first few weeks of September, and with some luck it will have an end of September release date. It’s going wonderfully, I’m really excited to see what you guys think of it. (I will openly admit that the sequel has a little more plot to it than the original.)

Cinderella is doing great–I owe all the readers who took the time to review a big thank you! I’m letting the contest/extra Cinderella chapter run a few more days, so if you haven’t had the chance to review Cinderella and email me, it’s not too late!

Finally, I’m planning to back off on my blog writing. When I’m writing a book I’ll update with a post about once a week. (Don’t worry, I’ll still update the ‘coming soon’ page so you can monitor my progress.) If I’m going through the editing process or releasing a new book I plan to update two or three times a week, though, so I’ll still be on often! The issue is when I  write my guts out for a book and then attempt to recall enough words to build a decent post it becomes border-line embarrassing thanks to the significant drop in my intelligence after writing for a number of hours. I will still be checking and responding to my email, and I really enjoy responding to comments on the blog, so if you have a question don’t hesitate to speak up!

That’s it for today! Thank you for reading, Champions; it’s good to be back!

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