Dökkàlfar Trivia

Farewell to the MBRC? has been out for a few days now. I think I’m all caught up on sending out the extra chapter for review, however, I had two reviewers who requested the extra chapter. I tried to send it to you but I got delivery failure notices. So if you sent me an email over 48 hours ago and I haven’t responded with the extra chapter, please send it to me again!

OK, on to fun things! Farewell to the MBRC? was a challenge for me because I needed to find new magical races/beings to poke fun of, and to be a part of the story. The new race that was most central to the story were the Dökkàlfar. Dökkàlfar come from Norse mythology and translates to dark elves. There are different theories about what Norse dark elves are. Some say they might be a kind of dwarf because they are said to live in the earth and are described as swarthy. It seems unlikely, though, because there are Ljósálfar–light elves who live in the heavens. Modern culture–most notably the video gaming industry–has made dark elves into extremely attractive elves who usually have purple colored skin, silver hair, and spikey armor and weapons.

I wanted to make my Dökkàlfar more of a mish-mash, so I made them reasonably attractive with ash colored skin and colorless hair. However, I had to give dark elves the customary kick-in-the-pants that I give all the MBRC races. So Krad Temero did for Dökkàlfar what Madeline and Dave do for Vampires. He, when cursed anyway, makes them much less “Hollywood-ified” (Which is a word because I say it is) and a lot more dorky. The Dökkàlfar actually suffered a lot of dorkiness that I couldn’t easily fit in the story, but I still consider the facts to be true. For instance…

Krad–if you haven’t guessed already–walked around wearing clothes far too big for him because they were his clothes from before he was cursed. (Did you really think he would deign to acknowledge his new childish stature and go out to buy new clothes to fit him? Pfffft!) Also, during his imprisonment at the MBRC, Krad becomes a total comic-book junkie after Morgan gives him an X-Men comic book. Ethan’s date ideas were terrible because he was relying on a date-book he bought from a second-hand store. The date-book was organized by season, but Ethan didn’t comprehend that and plucked the ice cream and zoo dates from the summer section.

That’s all for today, Champions. Thanks for reading!

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